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    New events for our online community

    There are now an amazing number of regular online events available from British Naturism. There's something every day. They're proving extremely popular and helping people to cope through the lockdown. There's huge variety - yoga, fitness, meditation, discussion, interviews (including this one with world-renowned Naturist Stéphane Deschênes tonight), coffee mornings, pub nights, and bake-along demos. Some of our members have also organised dinner parties and quizzes. The best bit is the strong, cohesive community of Naturists coming together to enjoy them. That's been seriously enhanced by our many visitors from overseas. The event programme is also hitting the news headlines!

    ...and we're not done yet. We're working away in the background on some others too and we'll bring you details as soon as we can. What we can announce is - NEW this week - is a Life Drawing session on Saturday 2nd May.

    We've certainly seen an increase in new members since we launched the online sessions and we're delighted to welcome back many members from the past who have rejoined to be able to take part. If that's you - thanks! Please do tell your friends what they are missing - even the non-Naturist ones! 


    Image: Mark Bass

    Edited by Andrew Welch

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