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    New online aerobics class - starts today!

    Join Jooles this afternoon at 4pm for a brand new addition to our online programme. It's a fun way to help you gently introduce more exercise into your weekly routine in a relaxed and varied way. Book your place now

    Our online programme continues to grow, and to inspire, entertain, inform, get people fitter and bring them together. Naturists from all over the world are joining in. 

    Visit www.events.bn.org.uk/onlineevents to find out all about: 

    British Naturism Community Sessions - such as interviews, presentations and discussions, the naked pub and naked coffee morning, book club, cookery session, special chat groups for families, young Naturists and Women, life drawing and occasional special events.

    Community sessions are included as part of your British Naturism membership - we also welcome guests from the INF too.

    NKD Lifestyle Sessions - such as aerobics, fitness, yoga, meditation and laughter yoga
    Lifestyle Sessions are open to all with a 40% discount for BN & INF members. They also come with free cancellation and transfer to another session, up to one hour before the start.

    Not a BN member? Come and join us here - it costs less than £4 a month. If you attending regular online sessions you'll save a fortune - and gain many other membership benefits.



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