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    NKD Festival

    At the end of May, the NKD youth and families festival returned to Dorset for a weekend of parties, minimalist camping, holi paint fights, and basking in the intense sunshine.  As an event designed for Young British Naturist (YBN) members and recent YBN graduates, now bringing their own families with them, the tone is quite different from that at our other events.  NKD shows how the portfolio of British Naturism events is diversifying to target different groups, so if organised Naturism has not appealed in the past, it will now.  The event was made possible by the rapid expansion of YBN over the last few years that has made an under 35s festival not only viable but essential.  The demand from YBN is backed up by the influx of families looking to practice Naturism in a safe, well-managed environment that provides ample activities for the kids.

    However, it is not hot tubs, high quality food and coffee vendors, campfire jamming or the night club atmosphere of the evenings that makes NKD remarkable, it is the testimonies of the people there.  We live at a time where prospects of young professionals are less predictable than they once were, and we are continually judged on our image through the court of social media.  There are many of us looking to be accepted for who we are and find friendship.  Talking to people at NKD told the same story again and again, people are finding that acceptance and relief from stress through Naturism.

     As Ben tells us:

    “NKD 2018 was a fantastic first ever experience of Naturism for me, NKD 2019 matched that groundbreaking success.  The fact that I recognised so many faces from last year speaks volumes, and I can safely say there are two things which make the festival so special. The first is the excellent organisation, the second is the community of participants in the festival.

     To put this in perspective, in my day to day life I get out very little and my social life largely consists of the occasional outing after my friends keep nagging me to come out and meet them.  So, the fact that someone as socially demotivated as me is so keen and eager to put myself forward to attend NKD in its second year, really is something to take note of. I'm reluctant to drive a few miles to a local bar for a social engagement in my own city and yet I'm enthusiastically willing to drive a 120 mile round trip to spend a weekend away in Dorset meeting old friends and new at an event like NKD.

    Attending NKD last year was a decision made at the last minute after so much indecisiveness, and I could not have known at the time how much it would change my life for the better. Attending NKD this year didn't require a second thought.”

    Kathryn goes even further:

    “I can comment on both NKDs, 2018 and 2019 - they were incredible. Not only is the atmosphere wonderful, but you feel so safe and supported.  People really helped me out last year with some mental health troubles and this year it was really nice to know the difference they saw in me.  You have no idea how much I got out of NKD. I'm most excited at the thought of coming year on year, hopefully with little ones within the next couple of years.

    British Naturism has filled that gap in my life, and I am so happy to have made some lovely new friends, all with similar values to me.  Leaving at the end was sad for me and I really can't wait to attend future events. I can say that this is truly the best introduction to Naturism you could possibly get, and I am inspired by the community of people I now feel a part of.”

    So, if you are looking for something that is missing from your life, the chance to be welcomed and accepted, Naturism may be an answer and we look forward to seeing many new people at future youth events.

    I will let Kathryn close as she wrote these few words to summarise her experience:

    Anticipation, fear, excitement

    Beauty, nudity, friends

    Fun, freedom, inspiration

    Memories, joy, harmony

    Inner peace, self-worth, connection

    NKD 2019

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