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    Oasis - a fertile spot in a desert (Bedford), where water is found....

    It was great to be back at Oasis Beach Pool in Bedford last weekend for another Waterpark event. Around 120 Naturists from all over came to have a fun session in the pool and on the slides.
    The event was recently revived by a member from the Eastern region contacting the pool directly and once permission was granted, the British Naturism Event Team took it on from there and made it happen – a perfect example of how some BN Team Work with a push from a local member can really make a difference.
    One thing that you have to take away from the waterpark events is the sense of community – the staff at Oasis commented on how this wasn’t just 100 plus people attending a swim but was a community, getting together and enjoying a night of Naturist freedom.
    We will be back at Oasis in 2020 – dates to follow…


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