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    Online events - looking forward to 2021...

    British Naturism's online event programme was an instant hit when we launched it in March, in response to the global lockdown. A variety of popular sessions have been run ever since, gaining us praise, many new members (including from overseas), and great publicity including national TV and newspapers.

    The good news is that online events are here to stay. We've taken stock - added new events, developed new booking sites and can confirm that we are now offering a whopping 92 sessions a month! You can also expect that number to grow ... make sure that you subscribe to our newsletter for updates.

    We've also created a new pricing structure that allows you choose between Pay-As-You-Go, or buying blocks of 10 sessions at a discount, or a weekly, monthly or annual plan that gives unlimited access. It's different, and competitive when compared to other online event offerings out there (AND they insist on you getting dressed!) and is also fairer across the board for our many different types of attendees.  Best of all, it also allows British Naturism to be able to continue to offer the sessions AND for the 'community' sessions for members to be FREE!

    Find out all about it and get booking your places!

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