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    Online events - now booking into June!

    Regular readers will be aware from our various stories, social media posts and newsletters that BN's online events have been the toast of the Naturist world, leading to huge media coverage and an increase in new members. Brought in as a response to the fact that we could not run actual events, the feedback has been that they successfully filled lockdown time and gave us all something to entertain and keep us fit. They've also helped to strengthen our community and allowed people to be in touch with other members they may otherwise have never met.

    So...it's a no-brainer that we have decided to continue providing them into the future even when those actual events are back on and are delighted to announce the new schedule today!

    There are some changes with a couple of regular events moving their day/time slot and new additions. Please also expect the programme to keep evolving and look out for announcements of new and special events from time to time.

    We're also dividing the schedule into two separate parts:

    Community events - these will be free to BN and INF members. They will include sessions such as the coffee morning and pub, discussions and aerobics

    Lifestyle events - including yoga, fitness and meditation which will now attract a charge per session, with a 40% discount for BN and INF members,


    It's all live and open for booking now! Please visit (and bookmark, and share!) www.bnevents.co.uk/online


    Edited by Andrew Welch

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