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    Online Events Showcase: Groove X Gold

    Did you know that we run over 100 online events every month? You can find details of them all on our events website. Choose from fitness classes and community sessions. The latter are free to BN members and members of other international Naturist federations. (Not a member? Join here!)

    Over the next few weeks, we're going to pick a class or session every day and bring you the details to inspire you to take part! Each session we showcase will take place the following day, giving you time to clear your diary and sign up.

    Groove X Gold - Wednesday 4pm BST

    Do you feel like doing something fun that will help gently tweak your body so that you are ready for your clothes free Summer? Groove X Gold, hosted by Jooles, is a low intensity, low impact, fun session of routines ideal for those who may be out of the habit of exercise and don't want to put any stress on their body. Why not join Jooles tomorrow and start to groove into Summer?

    Sign up here

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