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  • Andrew Welch
    Andrew Welch

    Public Acceptance of naturism

    Nudity has surprisingly high levels of acceptance in a wide range of circumstances. Some of the public, including a significant number of people in positions of responsibility, assume that it is immoral, illegal and has little support. This leads to discrimination.

    As naturists we enjoy a clothes-free lifestyle, knowing that it is liberating, comfortable and healthy. We do not seek to impose our dress preference on others and we do not expect others to impose theirs on us.


    To promote acceptance by the general public of naturism and naturist activity in all suitable places.

    To ensure that the millions of naturists in the UK can pursue their lifestyle without encountering prejudice and discrimination.


    BN will develop campaigning strategies using education, information, publicity, dialogue, example and other means.

    BN will publish and review regularly:

    • advice for being naked in public
    • advice for law enforcers and legal professionals
    • advice for local authorities
    • advice for others as desirable

    BN will also:

    • Monitor the actions of outside agencies and make representations where appropriate
    • Combat the automatic assumption that public nudity is always illegal or harmful

    Implementation of this policy is the responsibility of the Executive Council. Progress will be reviewed regularly and reported to each AGM. The Executive Council will appoint from their number a person with responsibility for ensuring that BN follows this policy.


    Naturist Code

    • Respect people's space
    • Do not be an exhibitionist
    • Avoid confrontation
    • Always report crime whether as witness or victim.


    In England and Wales nudity is not in itself illegal. In Scotland and Northern Ireland the law is less clear and in practice it is more repressive.

    If the police or other authorities are involved, discuss the situation with them calmly and factually, noting their identities and the salient points of the conversation. Always remain polite, and if ordered to dress, do so. If you are arrested or warned of possible proceedings, do not accept a caution or fixed penalty without first obtaining good legal advice. Report what happened to BN at the earliest opportunity. If there are witnesses, try to obtain their details and ask if they will support you with a statement.


    Any problems? Please tell us! If we don't know about it then we can't do anything about it. Thank you.

    This document is also available as a PDF file . If you want to print this document please use the pdf file and not this web page. Public Acceptance Policy.pdf


    30-32 Wycliffe Rd, Northampton NN1 5JF

    © British Naturism Dec 2007.

    Unmodified copies may be made and distributed freely

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