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    Skin Deep - a clothing optional presentation

    Following the success of the performance of Hair! to a naked audience, we are pleased to bring you another opportunity to be part of a clothes-optional theatre event, at Stockwell Playhouse, London SW8.

    For one performance only –  the audience are welcome to dress or undress as they please. This will be a ‘clothing optional’ performance in celebration of the naked form.

    Come as you are!  Fully dressed, partially dressed or completely naked – you choose.

    Skin Deep is a musical all about self-image, body confidence, bullying, marketing, cosmetic surgery, inner demons, shopping for clothes, size’ism, self-worth, diets, weight, exercise. Song and dance sketches – comedy but with an underlying poignant message!

    Who hasn’t tried a lifestyle change, or attempted some potentially harmful technique in order to improve” when in reality they’re already beautifully unique and wonderful? Who really acknowledges their inner beauty already outshines the naked surface?

    Our boys in the show lead up to their famous naked finale where they feel empowered to strip off to celebrate their body confidence. It’s the Full Monty, but the lights stay on for just that little bit longer! 

    Find out more including how to book your tickets here - discount for BN members!

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