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    Skinny Dip Venues Wanted!

    Those people who are lucky enough to have experienced skinny-dipping know that it’s so much better than swimming with a costume on!

    But that’s where the problem lies.

    The very thing that makes it better is also the thing that puts most people off!

    That’s where our national initiative, The Great British Skinny Dip comes in, Now in it’s third year, the aim is to overcome the nudity barrier by raising awareness of all the health, well-being and body-positivity benefits of nudity, and especially social nudity. Of course, we don’t expect everyone to participate in nude activities as a result but we will be educating, busting the myths and changing all those decades-long attitudes that suggest that nudity is somehow not ok  for normal people. We are fortunate to have discovered something wonderful that everyone can benefit from – and we want people to understand that.

    Some people will want to give it a go and so we are encouraging venues to provide the opportunity for that to happen. To allow people to experience it for themselves and to realise that despite what conventional thought says, find out that being naked with others is fun, liberating, relaxing and can boost your self-esteem.

    It follows that all venues must be open and welcoming. We must carry people through their experience and make it as easy as possible for them when they may feel out of their comfort zone and even vulnerable. The only ‘rule’ therefore to enable it to work is that everyone turning up at a venue is to be admitted unless there is a common sense reason not to. A detailed description of what this means is available on request.

    Some groups or venues may choose to pair with a charity and raise money for a good cause. That’s good because it gives the charity something different to engage their fund-raisers with and provides an excuse for people to participate. We understand that pre-registration is usually asked for by charities, but just make sure that you also give a warm welcome to anyone turning up at the venue on the day.

    We need as many venues as possible and we want your suggestions! This is a national campaign that we can all get involved in and support. Plenty of resources and information will be available but could YOU think about where it could take place in your area?

    What kind of venues are we looking for?

    Anywhere you can swim safely. Skinny-dipping is well-known to be fun, exhilarating and spontaneous – just the themes we want to promote. Outdoor or wild locations are perfect so let’s include lakes and tarns, rivers, open-air lidos, and beaches. Nothing wrong with indoor locations – and sometimes with the British weather they can be preferable – so we want to include swimming pools in leisure centres, waterparks, and municipal and school pools. We might gain a number of new venues and locations regularly used for Naturism. Existing Naturist locations like clubs and swims are also obvious places for people to give it a try – and can be a way for them to find new members.

    How will the events be organised?

    It depends on the location. Public venues such as lakes, beaches or rivers just need someone to coordinate a gathering. Private locations such as leisure centres can be hired by an individual or group – or even be persuaded to host their own. There is information available with ideas and sample words for correspondence but don’t hesitate to simply ask managers/staff face to face.

    When is it happening?

    Throughout September 2018. (#Septembare). Any date is fine. Venues can put on more than one if they like or select an adverse-weather fall back date.

    The Great British Skinny Dip website

    Run your own Skinny Dip

    Help for hosts and host venues

    Contact: skinnydip@greatbritishskinnydip.co.uk

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