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    Tell 'Just One Person'

    The more that people know about Naturism, the better things will be for us all. Many people don’t know that they know a Naturist and assume that we are still that fringe minority on the edges of society. We understand the individual fears, possible complications and desire for an easy life, but we want to encourage you to help Naturism in the UK to become normal.

    It’s daunting, but our 'Just One Person' campaign encourages you not to stress. Talk to someone about your Naturism and that experience may give you the courage to tell a lot more. People have found it easy to pick someone who would not be judgemental. A good place to start is to talk in a low-key way about a skinny dip on holiday or Naturist beach you ‘found’. Many people get a positive or sympathetic reaction. Feedback suggests that you will feel better having told someone – it may actually be a relief!

    As Naturists we are in danger of killing this natural life choice by fear. We need to talk about it for it to survive and be prepared to acknowledge the pursuit that enriches our lives.


    Here are some Just One Person experiences from our members as posted on the BN forum … we look forward to reading yours!


    I've told 4 friends since joining about my visits to Ashdene. None were shocked, all were interested and there were lots of questions about "what do you do if..." . Whether they decide to ever join me is uncertain, but they certainly weren't judgemental. I will keep on gradually informing people I trust with my new found freedom, hopefully I can convert at least one in the next year.


    I have recently told a friend of mine - I thought it would go down like a lead balloon, but it turns out he is waaaaay more open about things than I thought and has shown real genuine interest in my Naturist adventures. He hasnt said he would join me yet as he is too body shy and doesnt feel comfortable about himself but has already gone on to tell me he is now enjoying sleeping naked.


    Well I think more than one person knows now as I was a marshal for the World Naked Bike Ride in London at the weekend and put a Facebook post up but forgot to change the privacy settings. Ive had a few interesting comments back!


    I was on my way in to band practice last night and was helping our Musical Director in with one of his bags and we were talking about the hot weather and how it was too hot to wear anything. He said that it had been too hot for him to go out during the day and that he had only dressed when he came out to the practice, and I said same here and added that we were Naturists. He said he had often thought of trying it. Perhaps the conversation will continue.


    Last week I was mixing cement for a building project in our garden and a Duke of Edinburgh award group walked past the gate. They seemed totally unfazed by the fact that I wasn't wearing clothes and it seemed totally natural as it was so hot. The route they had taken led to a dead end so a short while later they walked back, clearly lost, and asked me for directions which I gave them. There was no mention of my lack of attire and they thanked me for my help.


    I share quite a lot on Facebook about my Naturist activities. This week I put on an event linked to the Petersfield Lido Skinny Dip and one of my online friends liked it” and marked himself “interested”. Tonight he messaged me said that he was interested in finding out about Naturism, for him and in general. I gladly sent him the link to the online version of the BN Guide to Naturism which hes going to read and come back to me with any questions. Hopefully he may decide to come along to the skinny dip or give another event a go. 


    Telling other people usually has positive outcomes. My closest friends were inspired by knowing of my Naturism and its positive benefits for me and decided to initiate a naked swimming session on their three generational holiday. It turned out well for them and will have been of great benefit for the youngsters.


    I retired my software business in December 2019. Today I had a catchup with one of my clients with whom I had enjoyed a 20 year+ working relationship. During the conversation, we happened on the topic of what various people get up to, so I took the opportunity to show her my BN membership card.  There followed one of the most positive conversations I've had in a while. She was thrilled and "inspired". We talked about how I take part in Naturism, body positivity, how it feels to be naked. She was very interested (not to the point of wanting to give it a go … yet) and asked a lot of questions. She couldn't have responded any better really. I'm so pleased I told her. 


    I use a BN towel to dry off with after a shower at the gym.  I'm one of the few there who will go naked from locker to shower and back.  One chap looked at my towel and commented today "that must be why you are so comfortable naked”.


    And sometimes it works the other way round…


    Well, that was a surprise!  Ive just been on the receiving end of a Just One Person”. Chatting at a lunch in London, we were comparing notes on places to stay on the Atlantic coast south of Bordeaux, when my companion said My wife and I are thinking of going to a place called Arna. Have you heard of it?” The rest of the lunch consisted of swapping stories of beaches that we had been to - a new connection made!


    A friend who I hadnt seen for a number of years, very casually mentioned at a wedding something along the lines of I dont get dressed at home”. I enquired more into what he meant about that, because of my own interest in Naturism. He went on to say he had tickets for NKD. It was a big discovery knowing someone from my life who is a member of BN.

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