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    The Forum Live: BN's Women in Naturism Campaign

    Next Monday (27 July) we’ll be taking a look at BN’s campaign Women in Naturism. My principal guest will be Donna Price (pictured above). Relatively new to the lifestyle, Donna has been a social Naturist and BN member, together with husband John, since 2016. Last year, she took on the role of Women in Naturism Campaign Coordinator, aiming to encourage more women to try Naturism and experience the freedom it brings, using her growing following on social media, publicising Naturism, and helping people by offering advice and ideas on how to embrace the Naturist lifestyle.

    We’re also delighted to welcome Linda Webber (pictured below) who performs a similar role for the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR) a federation in the US that works in a similar way to BN in the UK.

    We’ll hope to hear from many other active, Naturist women too. 

    This session is not just for women by the way, and if you are one of those men whose female partner goes and does something else during The Forum Live most weeks, perhaps this is the opportunity to suggest she joins in. There is no obligation to be naked. 

    Book your place as soon as you can!



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