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    The Forum Live debate - Active or relaxing?

    Naturism is all about getting an all over tan. Isn't it?

    Naturism is about health and well-being, being active and enjoying the great outdoors. Isn't it?

    We think we do pretty well with our events providing something for everyone, whether they wish to take a breather from life, stretch out in the sun and enjoy relaxing times with friends, old and new, or whether they want to be on the go joining fitness sessions, participating in craft classes, singing and dancing and eagerly scanning the event programme to see what's on next.

    Next Monday (9th August), being the second Monday of the month, we'll be hosting our monthly debate session and we want your opinion about what you prefer. It may be a mix of the two and you may have suggestions on how we can better achieve it.

    Come join in a fun and sociable discussion, with breakout rooms.

    Register your place now...

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