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    The Forum Live Debate: My Nude Year

    New for 2021 - giving you the chance to voice your opinion!

    On the second Monday of each month, The Forum Live Debate will allow you to cease being just part of the audience but participate fully. We’ll choose a topic (we’d love you to suggest ideas too) and host a debate and discussion, including breakout rooms so that you can share your views in small groups.

    Next Monday (11 Jan) the topic will be ‘My Nude Year’ and we invite you to come and discuss what you would like to get up to in 2021.

    That may include overseas holiday desires or trips to Naturist places in the UK.

    Perhaps you are hoping to attend your first BN or other nude event.

    Maybe you’ve decided that it’s finally time that your friends knew what you do on a hot afternoon or that you are planning on a recruitment drive and getting them to join!

    We’d also like to hear what you you would like to see from British Naturism.

    We look forward to hearing from you. Reserve your free place now...

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