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    The Forum Live - interviewing Christine Kouman

    Next Monday (29th November) our guest will be Christine Kouman who has been CEO at Dutch Naturist Federation NFN Open en Bloot since 2015.

    NFN is a dynamic, social membership organization with diverse target groups and many stakeholders. Over the past 6.5 years, connections have been strengthened both within and outside the organization, internal processes have been improved, the association is financially healthy again and a target group policy has been introduced, resulting in a portfolio of two brands: BlootGewoon! en NatuurlijkNFN!

    We'll hear more about the work and structure of the organisation and how the team of 13 people serve 58.000 members, standing up for the interests of all people who like to enjoy naked recreation in the Netherlands, increasing social acceptance of nudist recreation  and supplying information.

    Reserve your place now...

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