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    The Forum Live - interviewing Get Naked Germany

    It's almost exactly two years since we heard from Sönke from Get Naked Germany (GNG), hearing how the group started and how they work alongside German Naturist Federation, DFK.

    This time, we'll also have the pleasure of meeting Ralf, chairman of GNG who runs a group of naturist bikers who are mostly accepted by other people they meet during our tours. Ralf came across Naturism during a depression a few years ago and believes that it is very important to talk about the positive effects of being naked to other people, helping heal a lot of wounds.

    Sönke and Ralf will also speak about GNGs application to get Naturism acknowledged as intangible cultural heritage and their contribution  to the EuNat Meeting in Bonn in March of this year.

    Reserve your place now...!

    The Forum Live is for BN members and members of overseas federations only. If you'd like to join us, please do so here

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