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    The Forum Live - interviewing Linda Weber and AANR

    In our online interview sessions we continue to reach out around the world and tonight (7th September) will be no exception. I'm really pleased to tell you that our guest will be Linda Weber from AANR West. That's the America Association of Nude Recreation, if you didn't know. We heard from Linda a few weeks ago when we covered 'Women in Naturism' but this time we'll learn more about Naturism in the US. Linda may be bringing some colleagues with her. There will be plenty to talk about...!

    Linda is a life-long naturist, and was recently voted onto the Board of Directors for the AANR-West Region and appointed co-chair for WINR - Women in Nude Recreation.

    For anyone who has not attended The Forum Live, the session lasts an hour with a Q&A session between the host (that's me) and our guest, with questions from the audience following. 

    Please make sure you book your place as soon as possible.



    Edited by Andrew Welch

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