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    The Forum Live - interviewing Mark Bass

    Next Monday (31st August), I am delighted to tell you that my guest on The Forum Live will be British Naturism President, Mark Bass.

    Mark joined British Naturism in 2007, having been introduced to Naturism during his university years. By day he works as a mild-mannered lecturer in Biomedical Science at the University of Sheffield.  But by night he stalks the streets, fighting injustice wherever it may be found and promoting naturist rights!  Mark was co-opted to the Executive Committee of British Naturism in 2018 as Vice Chair having worked previously to support the re-emergence of Young British Naturism (YBN).  He then stood for election as President in 2019, which is the position he now holds.  

    Mark is a particular advocate of the development of potential in individuals and the ethos that everybody should be free to pursue their own dreams without fear of discrimination. Naturism in particular should be available to everyone, and we are all deserving of respect.  This philosophy is seen in his work with both the authorities and adversaries, as well as the efforts to support groups that are underrepresented in the naturist community.  Mark is also a key part of the photography team and the Online events so his fingerprints can be seen across the organisation.

    On Monday we will talk about Mark’s background and philosophy and what his own aims are within British Naturism.

    Book your place, as soon as you can...

    Edited by Andrew Welch

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