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    The Forum Live - interviewing Mark Walsh

    Our programme of online events continues to stimulate, to attract new members (and new naturists) and to bring the media to our door. There's great news coming that they will continue after lockdown - look out for the announcement and further details.

    Earlier this week I was delighted to welcome Pat and Leticia from the Irish Naturist Association which attracted the largest audience yet for the Monday night Forum Live session.

    Next Monday, I'm talking to BN's events manager Mark Walsh, the power behind our events both actual and online. Since Mark's arrival on the BN scene, the event programme has grown in volume and quality, thanks to his energy and experience. I'll be asking him about how our events are created, from venue choice, through booking bands and entertainment and the less glamorous though crucial aspects like the work involved in running an efficient and professional ticket sales website! We'll have a good chat about the online events too - and look into the future of them. I hope you will join me.

    ...but you don't have to wait until Monday to be part of this new and exciting (and popular) online event community. 

    Tonight (Wednesday) there is Naked Laughter Yoga with Eva plus a conventional yoga session that, unlike most sessions, is open to everyone.

    On Thursday you can join Katharine for calming meditation, and Roy who will put you through your paces in a fitness class.

    On Friday we make our weekly visit to or very own watering hole, The Bare Arms, aka the Naked Pub

    On Saturday work up a sweat with Sheryn's aerobics

    On Sunday - another yoga session with Georgia 

    And to kick off the new week with a Coffee Morning (Starbutts? Café Zero-Clothes?) and a catch up with like-minded people.

    See you there!

    Edited by Andrew Welch

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