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    The Forum Live - Interviewing Nick Mayhew-Smith

    Next Monday, 19th October our guest will be Nick Mayhew-Smith

    A member of British Naturism for 30 years, Nick is an enthusiastic advocate for naturism, a writer and journalist who worked with fellow BN member Mike Betts to produce three guide books about nude beaches and naturist sites for the general public: Bare Beaches (2004), Bare Britain (2005) and The World’s Best Nude Beaches & Resorts (2007). More recently he has been writing about the wilderness and nature, but has remained close to his naturist values and combined the two with his recent book The Naked Hermit (2019), which was shown on a BBC Two television programme this summer.

    He was introduced to the idea of naturism by his German aunts as a teenager, and began participating in naturism personally from 18 years old. It has always been central to his life, and indeed Nick’s first job after leaving university was as editorial assistant on H&E magazine. He has served as a director at The White House naturist club, in Surrey, where he has been a member for 23 years. Among other voluntary work for naturism he designed the first version of the BN website in the 1990s, and continues to write for every issue of Naturist Life magazine, edited by former BN president Suzanne Piper.

    Through his academic work he has recently become interested in exploring the history and development of naturism in Britain, and has plans to co-author a book on the subject in 2024, partly tying up with the 60th anniversary of CCBN (now British Naturism). He is also starting to explore some of the ethics and philosophy behind naturism.

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