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    The Forum Live: Interviewing Will Bryson

    Next week's guest (7 December) will be the founder of Dine Naked Bristol (and BN member) Will Bryson. Will was also a recipient of a British Naturism Certificate of Merit at the 2020 AGM.

    Will launched Dine Naked Bristol in 2018 taking naked dining to pubs and restaurants across Bristol and beyond. The concept has led to 14 events so far, with some selling out in a matter of hours, and some where staff have stripped off to join in. It also inspired others to organise their own naked dining events. 

    From 2015-17, Will led the organisation of the popular World Naked Bike Ride in Bristol, taking nudity into the busiest streets of the city. He can share what happens when the ride coincides with multiple political demos - and can tell us what happens if you get separated from the ride while naked!

    It's always good to talk to a Naturist pioneer! Book your place now...

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