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    The Forum Live - Where do you do it?

    Last week I was interviewed on BBC Radio 5 Live and the presenter asked me, 'Where do you do it?' - which was easily answered as I was standing stark naked talking to her over the phone line - but made me think about how varied a community we are in terms of that question. I know there are some of us who spend as much time as they possibly can without clothes and others who only strip off on sunshine holidays. There are a huge number of different locations that we all use and, to a certain extent, the law also provides that nudity is possible anywhere.

    So tonight we'll have a chat with some break-out rooms on this subject. Where DO you do it? What is your favourite type of location? Are you naked all day at home? Or just when it's perfect weather and you're around the hotel pool? What unusual or expected situations have you experienced in a Naturist state?

    Please come and join in the discussion!

    Image: Colin Dobson-Fox


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