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    The Great British Skinny Dip - now's the time!

    If there was ever a great time to plan/attend a Great British Skinny Dip, this is it. Some of you may have hesitated to jettison your clothes and leap into a pool, lido, a river, the sea or some other suitable, safe venue out of fear of developing goose bumps. Fear no longer! Enjoy the feel of cool water on your naked skin on a hot day. 

    Looking for somewhere to dip? Why not try one of these?

    21 July 

    Race Hub, Leicestershire - their first event this year in June went so well they've added another!

    July 23:

    Oxnat, Didcot

    Spectrum Swim, Birmingham

    Peterborough Lido, Peterborough

    July 30 

    Mildenhall Naturist Swimming Club, Bury St Edmunds

    July 31

    Avonvale Sun Club, Ringwood

    August 9

    Beacon Tarn Naked Walk & Skinny Dip, Ulverston

    Shap Lido, Penrith

    August 13

    Corton Beach Day, Lowestoft

    Wigton, Wigton

    Spectrum, Birmingham


    You’ll find information on these and later swims here: https://www.greatbritishskinnydip.co.uk/events-calendar


    If you’re still wondering why we keep going on about the Great British Skinny Dip, here are some further thoughts.

    First— when it comes to skinny dips, attendance size doesn’t matter! The idea is to encourage people to enjoy – or experience for the first time – the pleasures of swimming costume-free. Events might attract loads of people or, as with the July 9 GBSD at Kerensa Cottage, Somerset, just a few. But those few had a great time on a lovely day and raised £70 for the British Heart Foundation, organiser Chris Howat reports. That’s what matters.

    And that brings me to our second reason for the GBSD - raising funds for the BHF and using our closer relationship with the charity to inform the wider public about the health and well-being aspects of Naturism. 

    Third, when you bring friends, family and colleagues to dips, you’re helping spread the word about the many benefits of Naturism and promote greater understanding of what social nudity is all about.

    You’ll find everything you need on the dedicated GBSD website including social media tools, risk assessment forms for hosting swims and – importantly – a complete fundraising kit. And don’t forget to tell people to sign up for the GBSD newsletter (via the GBSD website footer) and follow us on social media.


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