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    The Telegraph reports on the Growth of BN Membership

    Did anybody catch Coran Elliott’s article regarding the growth of BN’s membership in The Telegraph this weekend? The article is just one of a growing number of positive pieces regarding naturism and the fact that public nudity is becoming increasingly more socially accepted and openly acknowledged. Indeed, the journalist’s approach to the story is itself indicative of the maturity with which the topic is being treated.

    The focus of the article concerns the growth in BN membership figures – the first time in the last 15 years that they have risen, and the BN’s Andrew Welch was proud to have been able to offer reasons as to why this is the case. As a society we naturists know the simple, genuine pleasures of being naked and thanks to a fantastic summer and a season of hugely successful events aimed at really raising awareness to the benefits of naturism, it seems our community is all the bigger and healthier for it. 

    It is hoped that the article will contribute to the growing acceptance of naturism in our society and that more and more people will continue to either come and give it a try or, at the very least, begin to think a little more open-mindedly about naturists and naturism. 

    Taylor Boxall

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