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  • Sheryn

    The wetter… the better….

    Another busy night at Stoke Waterworld on Saturday saw over 300 Naturists gathering for a night of waterpark madness. A good night was had by all with one of the youngest turnouts BN has ever had! YBN were out in force.

    A good number of families showed up too, and Waterworld doesn’t disappoint with a great mix of slides, play areas and 'tough mudder’-esque monkey bars and leaping lillypads! There really is something for everyone including those who just want to relax and enjoy a drink and food from the poolside bar.

    If you missed out we are back at Waterworld later in the year for the finale of The Great British Skinny Dip on the 29th September.

    If you can’t wait till then and love a waterpark then you are in luck – Splashdown happens the late bank holiday weekend in May (May 26th) in Poole, Dorset. Buy your tickets now!

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    It's great to hear that there was a good YBN presence there which included a member from SANER

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    why is it £16 for a member who is 36 years old but £10 for a member who is 35 years 364 days old.?

    Do we assume that members suddenly become more solvent overnight on the last night of their 35th year?


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    Lovely picture. This was a great night out. I've already got the September date in my diary and have made a pledge to buy a ticket or in the unlikely event that I can't make it send BN the ticket price to support the event for the future.

    I struggle to get Saturday nights off as I work in the entertainment industry (man with voice and guitar) but  this event is not to be missed.

    I went alone, but spent the whole evening chatting with others in between hurtling down the water slides. 

    It would be bizarre if we all started to put swimming costumes on at the end of the swim so we could legitimately use the showers. 

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