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    Tonight! An online event session Open to All!

    Our online event programme is proving very popular and we're seeing a huge number of people joining BN to be able to take part. Fantastic! It certainly eases the pain of lockdown if you can enjoy being part of a naked community.

    Today we bring you four pieces of news...

    1. One of our yoga sessions is Open to All. You don't need to be a BN member to participate. It's tonight at 20:30 (BST). Find out how to book your place.

    2. The programme has been expanded to include MORE activities that you can take part in from anywhere in the world - choose from (or do them all...) social events - coffee morning and pub night; health and exercise - yoga, fitness and aerobics; debate and discussion and interviews; meditation; and a cook-along naked kitchen. Oh, and there's more in the pipeline...

    3. All sessions are now open to (and free of charge) to members of the International Naturist Federation

    4. We've launched a new booking system which will simplify the process of booking for sessions for participants and make it easier for us to remind you when your sessions are happening. You'll also be able to create an account and see all the sessions you've booked in once place. Visit our online event listing and get booking! Tell your friends too...

    Edited by Andrew Welch

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