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    Up for the challenge!

    Andrew Welch brings us up to date with British Naturism's marketing

    'Selling' Naturism is a challenge because there still remains a stigma about nudity which means many people find it - at best - amusing and - at worst - sinister. In addition, people can easily practice Naturism without needing to pay for BN membership, but having a national organisation working in the way we do is not only useful, but essential if Naturism is to survive in the UK. We provide an incredible range of services to members as well as a community for people to be part of. The survey completed by new members tells us that more than half of you belong because you want to meet like-minded people. Collective action makes things happen.

    For all the great things it gives us, the growth of the internet has given us the most problems! BN used to be almost unique in the supply of information about Naturism at home and abroad, but now all of it is available for free, everywhere. It’s not just us, many organisations are struggling to keep themselves valid in the 21st Century. 

    Here are the elements of our marketing thinking for 2017. It relies on as many of us within our community as possible getting involved - please don’t hesitate to do your part.


    Our marketing aims

    1. Raise awareness and educate about Naturism
    2. Encourage people to participate in Naturist activities
    3. Recruit people to British Naturism membership and retain them
    4. Encourage people to spend money with us outside of subscriptions


    Our main messages

    There are many good things to say about our wonderful world but here are the headlines:

    • Naturism is great for health and well-being and promotes positive body-image
    • Naturism is great for families and children 
    • There is no law against Naturism 
    • It is not shameful or embarrassing to be nude in the company of others
    • British Naturism is a membership organisation and joiners enhance their Naturist experience by belonging.


    Specific actions

    Targeting textile swimmers

    We will concentrate on persuading swimmers to see the benefits of ditching their costumes. Bin the Bikini! Trash the Trunks! This will be an online campaign, using social media and we’ll spread our message to swimmers, swimming clubs and groups, organisations, venues, magazines and websites - and provide easy ways and encouragement for them to ‘give it a go’. It also ties in with…

    The Great British Skinny Dip 2017

    The foundations are well established, a new brand has been created and the prospects for achieving our aims - principally education of the health benefits of nudity - are great. It’s possible we are reaching a new market with the project. It will run for the whole of #Septembare. See the dedicated website for all the details and information. We really do need YOU to get involved!

    Just One Person

    There will be ongoing encouragement for members and others to talk about their Naturism throughout their lives and bring it and us out into the open. Some people fear ‘everyone’ knowing and so we are encouraging them to tell ‘Just One Person’. This is potentially our most important marketing tool. Where people in other misunderstood minorities have succeeded has been by being visible and being unafraid to stand up for themselves. See the topic over in the Members' Area - please get out there and talk about it!

    Women in Naturism

    There will be ongoing encouragement to make women aware of the advantages of clothes-free recreation. We’ll keep encouraging women to ‘Tell their stories’, publish help and advice for the guys who are ‘not really single’, (but whose partners shrink away from Naturism) and link with women's groups and body confidence champions. This also has an effect on the next generation - more women means more families growing up in Naturism leading to better attitudes in the future - and more Naturists. 

    A better experience for new members

    With over 3,500 new members since 2014, we can be confident that there is something about joining BN that is attractive. What’s not so good is to see a greater number decide not to renew. We’re doing more these days to help new people to BN along the journey to year two and beyond.

    ‘Join Us’ flyer/poster

    Our new ‘Join Us’ flyer folds out into a poster for display. It goes further than the ‘What is Naturism?’ leaflet.  It actively sells the reasons Naturists should become BN members. Please use it! Spread the word. Order it from the BN shop.


    Our Event Programme, is of crucial importance to our community for bringing like-minded people together, and for providing low-effort experiences for new members to get involved.  This is now improving thanks to the appointment of Mark Walsh. Expect to see new and different events, in new locations. We’re also introducing a standard discount on entry for members, making it a no-brainer, in many cases, for people to sign up to BN first.

    City Centre swims

    The London swim has quickly become the most popular swim in the country. It’s open to all, no membership or advance notice required and generates a healthy income for BN. Glasgow Continental is also a hit. They each give us a profile and venue in a major city where there are thousands of potential skinny dippers. We encourage everyone to help us replicate it in Bristol, Liverpool, Birmingham…all over the country, in your area.


    Every single one of you is important to BN and we need you to be open about your Naturism,

    to talk about it and to support the cause you love!

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