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    Up to now, we’ve done all the talking about our online event programme. It's time we let our guests speak up instead...

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    Naked Yoga with Georgia
    Just completed my first Naked Yoga session with Georgia - it was fabulous fun and harder work than I thought! Loved it - want to take part every week now!

    Planning ahead and being greedy I hope these online classes continue after the lockdown. Really enjoying the Yoga and feeling the benefits already. I keep saying this but. Thank you very much Georgia and BN  for this.

    Another excellent Yoga class. I found that one a lot tougher than last Sunday, which was good. Really liking Georgia's simple explanations and manageable routines, with more challenging options available to push yourself a bit further.

    I love the fact that she encourages us to rest when we need to and gives alternatives to the moves,  to either simplify them or make them more intense. 

    Massive thanks to Sheryn for the aerobics session. Apologies for showing my almost total lack of coordination but I felt I was getting better towards the end of the session (it may not have looked like that). 

    Well, that set me up for tea and thanks for permission to have an evening drink! I will definitely have to work on the co-ordination. Have also booked until the end of May.

    We would just like to add our thanks Sheryn to all the others. Thanks for a great session. We are looking forward to the next one.

    We're so loving the online initiatives - thank you Sheryn for a great class.  We'll be back for more!

    Naked Kitchen with Pam
    Thank you, another great event and I’ve a tasty cheesecake in the fridge. can’t wait to try it.

    Fitness (for non-fitties)
    Thanks Roy for another good session today - muscles getting less stiff each session! Looking forward to Thursday.

    Another great exercise session, Roy! Many thanks for doing it and to BN for holding it.

    Really good workout. Thanks Roy. Wow, that was challenging but I really enjoyed it.

    Naked Laughter Yoga 
    Thank you - tonight’s laughter yoga session was so much fun. It’s the first time I’ve done anything like this and I’m  definitely going to do it again.

    Wow Drum meditation was a delight. Took me to wonderful place away from this dark place. left me quite emotional. Really want to explore this more, looking forward to the next session.

    Pub chat
    Hey, thanks for the great pub evening! It was great to meet so many people. Haven't been able to have a good chin wag for a while now.

    Thanks for a lovely pub evening everyone - really good chat and the all the best people.

    I really enjoyed our first night in the pub. It was a great venue and really ended the night off well. 

    It was lovely to see some friends and to meet new people who i'm sure will become friends too

    Coffee morning chat
    It certainly does get varied. The topics I was involved in included photography, cleaning, Extinction Rebellion and modelling. 

    Joined my first coffee shop chatter this morning and really pleased I did . Met and chatted to many people I had never seen before . We had varied discussions from the weather, what we are doing during lock down, how we got involved with BN.

    Just spent another wonderful hour chatting to some very nice and interesting people. Thank you. 
    See you all next week.

    Discussion with Andrew
    Watched the Zoom online debate this evening with Dr Keon West. I found it very interesting and full of positive things in terms of Naturism.


    Edited by Andrew Welch

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