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    Wonderful Windermere

    This weekend British Naturism hosted it's first Woodland Weekend overlooking the banks of Windermere, and what a great weekend it was too!

    People travelled from all over the UK to attend this 'back to basics' camping event at Fell Foot Wood. Fortunately the met office made a complete hash of predicting of the weather and it was much better than promised. You could tell that Autumn was fast approaching but there were still plenty of chances to strip off, be it the cosy warm barn with the roaring log fire or those that braved the skinny dip in a local tarn.

    We toasted marshmallows and cooked lemonade bread on the open fire, played board games, and walked but mostly talked. The Woodland Weekend highlighted BN’s sense of community, we had a diverse group of people from all over the world, India, America, Zimbabwe, New Zealand and even Scotland! This weekend was about the people, and it’s safe to say with the stories told and the topics discussed, visitors came away enriched through the personal connections made in Windermere.

    Not only have plans been made to return to this beautiful and spiritual site, it is in fact already open for booking!  

    BN return to Fell Foot wood over the weekend of 14th - 16th June 2019.

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