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    Being Natural by Andrew

    I suppose it goes back to my birth, I arrived before the midwife got there and when the doctor came he said “where is this natural baby?” So Natural is what I was called in the family.

    Growing up on the edge of the countryside I spent most of my childhood outdoors, up trees and skinny dipping in ponds and streams, were summers really longer then?

    Naked kids playing in woods and meadows didn’t raise any eyebrows in that more innocent age. Alas childhood doesn’t last forever and with age came, not shame exactly but a growing awareness of disapproval by mainly ‘Townies’ visiting the countryside in larger numbers. Opportunities to be naked outdoors became less and I resented having to be secretive.

    Over the years my naturism, a word I was unaware of till much later, became dormant. I came across H & E Naturist magazine and discovered a whole world of ordinary people doing ordinary things but naked. I became determined to revive my childhood happiness and joined British Naturism and the Singles Outdoor Club.

    My first club visit was booked with Wyvern as it is the nearest to my home. As soon as I went through the gates I was made to feel welcome and after a tour of the grounds I stripped off. Naked outdoors! After all these years felt so liberating, so free! This was the real me. There was none of the ‘Single Male problem I had heard about, everybody was so friendly.

    Next visit was to Telford and to walk through a lovely wood naked took me back to those early days, Magic! I unfortunately had to cancel several other club visits but managed to visit Wyvern and Telford again. My next outing was to Stoke Waterworld, to be amongst 400 people of all ages all having a great time was amazing. This is what naturism is all about. My last visit of the year was to the BN night at the Ken Marriot leisure centre, not as many people but enjoyable none the less. So ended my first ‘Official’ naturist year. I have started putting dates in my diary for next year with a visit to Abbey house gardens a must do.

    Hopefully if I discover a Natural lady to share my rediscovered Naturism life will be, as PA Larkin would say PERFICK!

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