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    From the archive: Naked Beach

    This article appeared on the BN website in April 2019. We didn't imagine that we'd add 'deathly viruses' to that list in paragraph 4. Tomorrow night's online discussion will be with Naked Beach's Dr Keon West. Incidentally, it appears that Naked Beach is still available to watch on All4...


    We’re enjoying Channel 4’s Naked Beach programme. We recommend it if you’ve not seen it, especially if you are not (yet) part of the Naturist community in the UK. There are no spoilers in this article. 

    Of course, it’s not a programme about Naturism but the subject goes to the heart of what we stand for. Spending time naked is good for everyone! 

    Tall or short, large or small, oversized or undersized, lumpy, bumpy, blemished, scarred, stretched, disfigured - we’re all the same underneath - wonderfully human. 

    With famine, drought, homelessness, war and persecution worldwide it seems a particularly first-world issue to be depressed about the way you look, but for the participants in the programme - filmed in a stunning location - it’s very real. Can the company of naked people help them overcome it?

    Although the format is that of a reality TV show, with members of the public taking centre stage and carrying-out prescribed tasks, it’s done sensibly and sensitively. It’s fantastic how the chosen hosts are not the usual airbrushed (and sometimes air-headed) wannabe celebrities who front such shows.

    The programme makers were inspired by the survey in this story. Some members of British Naturism were involved in the studies and the show’s Dr Keon West has been a guest speaker at our events. Great to see the experiment taken to a wider audience.

    Natasha Devon MBE, who co-hosts the programme with Dr Keon also published this excellent article on body image and we stand bare shoulder to shoulder with her in her views.

    If you’ve been inspired by Naked Beach and want to get those great feelings for yourself, come and join us!

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