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    From the archive: Tell the Neighbours? Why?

    Here's an article from the Summer of 2018, but just as relevant now. Keep an eye out for our celebration of garden nakedness, to be announced soon!


    Despite the news we announced a few weeks ago confirming that Naturism is perfectly lawful, a number of high-profile publications have come out during the heatwave with nonsense about nude sunbathing. It's misleading, irresponsible and - worst of all - based on a social media post from a year ago. Obviously a slow news week.

    BN have since been courted by other media outlets (a nice one for example in The Guardian) and have taken the opportunity on behalf of all Naturists and wannabe Naturists (of whom there are many more in this hot weather seeing the complete sense of taking it all off so as to cool down) to put the record straight.

    Being naked in a public place can only be a crime if the naked person undressed with the intention of causing alarm and distress. 

    Are we clear on that? There is no need to 'warn' your neighbours that you are sunbathing naked (or even topless, as one article had it - we're in the 21st Century, did you know that?) in the same way that you wouldn't consider warning them about the wafting smells from your soon-to-be-lit BBQ, embarking on playing noisily with your kids or anticipating cheering loudly for all the street to hear when Harry Kane scores his seventh in Russia. 

    Let's grow up. We're all naked underneath, in all our various shapes and sizes. It's only social convention that suggests certain body parts must always be covered up. It's right to challenge that, to reclaim our humanity and to realise that the world doesn't end if someone sees a nipple or backside when they didn't expect to. It's a wonderful feeling to be naked in the sunshine and fresh air. Try it, and you never know, the neighbours might decide to join you.


    Photo by Randy Fath on Unsplash


    Edited by Andrew Welch

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