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    It Isn’t Rude to be Nude

    Here's an interesting thing...it's really healthy and encouraging to see a new children's book by Rosie Haine on the shelves, aimed at overcoming basic body image issues.  With very few words and lots of naked illustrations covering every shape, age, size and gender, this book celebrates bodies, highlighting the differences as well as the similarities between them. Best of all, there is a super introduction to the usually ‘unmentionable’ body parts. Get ready for nipples, willies, body hair and vulvas. As far as ‘normalising’ goes, it doesn’t get much more laid bare than this!

    We spoke to Rosie who told us: ‘The themes spring from things I believe in or think about, and reassurances I think I would have liked when I was growing up - but also now, as we never stop changing... It Isn’t Rude to be Nude also comes from an observation that young kids are often naked - it’s a joyful and natural state for them - so they actually know it isn’t rude to be nude!’

    The book is available from the Tate Gallery bookshop





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