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    On Tour with British Naturism

    This weekend British Naturism attended the 4-day long Caravan & Motorhome Show at Event City in Manchester.

    Our stand was located in the ‘village’ style area - a place where most of the small stands were - It was a good location and had good footfall.

    The show was well attended with over 20,000 visitors over the 4 days.

    A good mix of demographic too. From families upwards…

    Overall the show was hugely positives on a number of levels and had multiple benefits to the organisation: We met over 1% of BN’s membership at the event - well over 100 members came to the stand and said hello. Many praised BN for getting out in to the open and championing Naturism publicly.

    We handed out membership forms to lapsed members. The majority when asked why they no longer are members was change in circumstances or they used BN to find a club and are no longer a member!

    We had a highly positive response, no-one was hugely negative and nobody was offensive.

    There were plenty of ‘its not for me’ comments but they were very accepting of the lifestyle. It is hard to put a figure on it but I would say a conservative estimate of 200 solid conversations about Naturism a day with non-members. Some of those we spoke to had tried Naturism abroad on beaches or were Naturists but didn’t know that Naturism was a really a thing in the UK! They were particularly surprised at the scale of BN and at how many clubs there are in the UK.

    We have just announced that we are about to build on the Manchester success and attend the big NEC show in Birmingham. British Naturism will be on stand 4-616 at The Caravan, Camping and Motorhome Show, Feb 19th - 24th. Thanks to Clover Spa for sponsoring us to help attend this show.

    Our Events Team will be on hand, giving out the information relating to Naturism in the UK including our own 2019 booklet and an Advertisers Insert page. If you represent a Club or Swim our advert could appear for only £50!! This has to be an opportunity that is too good to miss!
    If you are interested you need to let us know by 5th February.  Just send an email to Advertising@bn.org.uk


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