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    Please forget your sports kit!

    There were 500+ Naturists at BN’s big summer event Nudefest in 2019, and when day visitors, entertainers and suppliers are added the figure is closer to 700. Some of those day visitors came to the Thorney Lakes park in Somerset to compete in the Nudefest 5K - with a 10K option for those who complete the course twice - which grows more popular each year. We always welcome a healthy number of outsiders who are bored of pounding the same old pavements in the same old lycra…

    It’s all done properly and with safety in mind - the course is plotted with a measuring wheel; there are water stops, first aid provision, accurate timings and even medals and certificates for all competitors. The route takes in farm land, crop fields, woodlands and the site’s idyllic fishing lakes. For those that are wondering…everyone wears running shoes and many of the women choose to wear a sports bra.

    Eighty runners competed in 2019 with the winner of the 10K crossing the line in an impressive time of 41:48. Post-run, runners hit the showers but often don’t bother to get dressed and stay for the rest of the day at Nudefest, taking part in the activities.

    Mark competed this year in his first nude run. It was his first time doing anything Naturist. He’d heard about it from a colleague at Almost Athletes in Cheltenham. Mark had been diagnosed with prostate cancer, something he found out about by accident, but wanting to celebrate having been clear for two years, loved it even though earlier in the day he thought of not coming. He then joined BN on the Monday. It was a first nude run for Mike too. He’s already a Naturist but to counter high blood pressure was advised to lose weight and he is now 12st, down from almost 16 and after the Nudefest run was feeling on top of the world!

    Nudefest and the Nudefest 5K/10K will take place again in 2020. Why not come and be part of it...

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