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    Revealing Revels - Craig Revel Horwood speaks about Nudity and Celebrity

    Since 2004, Craig Revel Horwood has been Strictly's infamous “Mr Nasty”. In a recent interview with the Daily Mirror, he told the journalist that one of the worst things about being famous is that he can't strip off at a “nudist club”. 

    He claims that fear of being recognised and photographed makes stripping off in public impossible. Personally, I've never come across Craig at any of the “nudist clubs” or resorts I've been to over the years so can't say if its a pastime he enjoyed before stepping into the limelight. In my experience, should he pluck up the courage to give it a go, I think he'd find naturists a discrete tolerant bunch who would respect his space and privacy and treat him as they find him and as for photography, there is no reason to think he'd be treated any differently from the rest of us.

    Every club in the country has rules about taking photos of anyone without their permission and there are plenty of unwritten rules about how to respect each other and how, once inside the gates with your clothes off, the stuff in the world outside stays there. I'd say that a “nudist club” may well be the safest place to go to get away from the stress of the showbiz life. I can't see that what Craig has under his celebrity uniform is significantly different to the bodies beneath those that we all wear to some degree.

    Craig was quoted as saying:- “The thing I dislike the most is the fact you can't do what you want to do in public. I couldn't go to a nudist camp for instance, or if I did it would have to be completely inside somewhere. Then everyone would have to sign an NDA. You lose your sense of freedom in a way."  If its freedom he's looking for, he need look no further. Naturism scores a straight 10 for freedom and respect in my book.

    Image: 'Strictly Nude Dancing' at Nudefest...


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