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    Sometimes Illegal?

    One day a thousand people can ride naked through the middle of London as part of the World Naked Bike Ride, the next day a hiker is arrested for walking naked on a Yorkshire moor.” - This quote from the video sums up the inconsistency of approach the guardians of the law show in England and Wales towards nudity in public places.

    Back in February 2012, BN member and travel writer Brian Johnson (aka Ancient Brit) contacted me with the suggestion of making a video that would both inform about the legal situation of public nudity as well as highlight the widespread confusion on this matter among the general public, police, and lower courts. What became clear from the start was that the video should not just be about the law and its (mis)interpretation, but that it should also show that being clothes-free in a natural environment is an enjoyable - and harmless - pastime. To this end, we teamed up with several other BN members and spent a couple of days filming in various locations in the New Forest area, on the Isle of Wight, and in Hertfordshire. As it happened, we were occasionally seen by strangers, and I'm pleased to say that none of them appeared to be offended by our nudity.

    'Sometimes Illegal?' is about 'freerange' naturism, or, to cut the jargon: about pursuing our clothes-free lifestyle in the open air outside the boundaries of sun clubs or designated naturist beaches. It's about the joys of being au naturel in nature (weather permitting!) - and the potential legal pitfalls we may be faced with when deciding to shed that last piece of clothing. One thing that has become clear from the experiences shared by the contributors to the video is that a lot less members of the general public are alarmed by seeing a nude person than many police officers or magistrates seem to think.


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