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    The Magic of Art

    Never mind the Invisible Man, Trina Merry, a New York body-painter can make anything disappear. Houdini did it, David Copperfield (the magician) did it but none of them did it as beautifully as Trina. It doesn't take a breach of the magician's code to reveal the trick because there isn't one. It’s all about skill and art and the right angle and the results are truly stunning. Take a naked model, position them up against a work of art, get the colours
    just right and and apply them to the skin until the model disappears into the canvas.

    Trina's artistic skills were honed whilst recovering from a lightning strike whilst working in Hollywood. The lightning struck her car which she says was suddenly filled with a bright white light and an odd buzzing sound as what she described as an “incredible ache” shot through her bones!

    Best of all, when the Daily Mail ran an illustrated feature about it they made no attempt to pixellate or blur those pesky nipples.

    We got in touch with Trina to ask for an image we could reproduce and she told us:

    'Absolutely!  I'm very aligned with naturism and body positivity. Let me know when it posts and we will share it with my fans!'





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