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    The Naked Podcast returns

    Regular readers will know that Kat Harbourne and Jenny Eells from BBC Radio Sheffield are the women behind 'The Naked Podcast', a series of interviews, in which they strip off to interview an also naked guest. The show is now back for its third series and we received the following article from Jenny.

    Three people. All naked. Huddled closely round two microphones. This may sound like some COVID-19 era nightmare but as The Naked Podcast returns for its third series, we give you an assurance that all our recordings took place in a time B.C. - Before Coronavirus!

    The Naked Podcast is a series of conversations, all recorded in the buff with one simple mission: to get folks feeling better about what's underneath our clothes. We are proud to be representing the north on an international stage – our dulcet Yorkshire tones are listened to all over the world!

    Kat and I started recording more than three years ago. As our podcasts began to take shape, we quickly realised that without any clothes on our conversational barriers were broken down. We were all more open, outspoken and quite literally more revealing. 

    Fast forward to 2020 and it’s almost unthinkable how far we’ve come since that first nervous chat in my flat; naked in front of each other for the first time.  We’ve since been on telly, numerous radio stations, written articles for national newspapers and spoken to more than forty fearless females from across the UK about every aspect of our minds and bodies. Along the way there’ve been men’s specials, a skinny dip in the North Sea and we’ve even penned a vagina song (check it out it’s super catchy!).  

    As part of this season’s naked escapades we’ve witnessed a “Neon Naked Life Drawing” workshop hosted by artist Sue Kreitzman; walked the catwalk with a domanatrix who runs strutting workshops for women; and chewed the fat with childhood burn survivor Sylvia Mac who endured third and fourth degree burns across her body as a result of falling in boiling water when she was just three years old. We’ve stripped off to speak to BBC One presenter Keeley Donovan to talk about her pregnancy and  had a right laugh with singer Anastasia Walker from the band Bang Bang Romeo who’ve recently toured with P!nk. 

    We’ve also spoken to The University of Cambridge academic Dr Victoria Bateman about using her body as a means of protest against economic policies that adversely affect women. 

    Our podcasts also follow our own personal journeys. Series three follows Kat’s training for the London Marathon and making a documentary about the life-changing decision on  whether to take the test which will reveal if she has the hereditary gene that causes Huntington's disease; the illness which killed her mum Jeanette when she was 54. 

    My relationship with my body has changed significantly since becoming a mother and giving birth to my son last year. I must confess it's not always been the smoothest of rides. But what I love about The Naked Podcast is that it gives us the space to talk openly about our bodies and explore our feelings both positive and negative. Through our discussions and shared experiences I am able to be more understanding and forgiving as I come to terms with the "new me". 

    For far too long women have been judged by their looks, their bodies and what they choose to do with their lives in a world run by men. We hold a space for women to speak openly and freely about their lives. Our frank conversations offer a unique insight into the experience of 'nakedness' and although we’ve still not fully embraced a clothes-free way, in the spirit of 'Great British Take Off' recently we support any inclination to listen with your kit off! 

    The Naked Podcast Series Three – OUT NOW! 
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    Edited by Andrew Welch

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