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    When in Catalonia…...

    Catalonian Naturists are campaigning to defend long established Naturist beaches from a “textile invasion”. They have written to the Catalan government asking for a meeting to discuss “the discrimination that nudists face on the beaches of Catalonia” and various ideas for ensuring the public recognise and respect Naturist areas. Their suggestions include clear signage and a public awareness campaign.

    An increasing number of online travel guides are recommending these beautiful hidden beaches but fail to mention their long standing ties to Naturism. One campaigner, Segimon Rovira, told the Guardian, “Previously, people would arrive at a nude beach and either leave or strip off. Now they stay and keep their swimsuits on. It’s a lack of respect. There are nudists who have stopped going to some beaches because they are too crowded and there are too many people wearing swimsuits and they feel uncomfortable.”

    But its not just the numbers. There are reports of giggling, prolonged stares and even disparaging remarks guaranteed to deter many seasoned Naturists and certainly anyone wanting to try it for the first time. As Rovira says, “Starting to practise naturism when you’re surrounded by people in clothing is very complicated, that’s why we think it’s important to have nudist spaces where the majority of people are nude so that people are encouraged to try it.”

    As part of their campaign, the group have produced a video depicting how, in an ideal World, non-Naturists, lured to one of these idyllic hidden gems, might find themselves converted. It’s a lovely film - do have a look at it!


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