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    World Naked Hiking Day - next week!

    BN's Sports Officer, Ian Munt reports

    World Naked Hiking Day (WNHD) takes place this year on June 21st, conveniently the Summer Solstice. It's an unofficial event in the same way as World Naked Gardening Day is, but encourages those who have not tried social nudity before to join in with groups of likeminded people to experience being naked in nature in a safe environment.

    More and more people are taking to walking without clothes. In the UK, we are fortunate that it is perfectly legal to be naked in nature following much work including that by BN.

    Walking around the countryside naked is liberating, the feeling of the sun and breeze on your skin as you are out in nature is wonderful - combined with the fact you are with friends and have a good old chat. Nothing quite beats it in my opinion.

    There are plenty of opportunities to get out walking to celebrate the day - on the day itself and on the 22nd, 24th and 27th of June in Buckinghamshire, Gloucestershire, East Sussex , Leicestershire, and Hampshire - all great opportunities for anyone who would love to walk Naked in Nature, so why not come and join us!

    Find all the details on the BN calendar

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