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    You can leave your mask on...

    While us well behaved British Naturists are studiously obeying the Corona “lockdown”, others around the globe seem to have a perilously relaxed attitude. President Trump for instance is of the “Do as I say not as I do” school of thought and refuses to wear a facemask due, he says, to having a “beautiful, beautiful resolute desk” in the Whitehouse.

    According to a report on the Expats Cz website, our fellow naturists in the Czech Republic seem to have similar aversion with or without the benefit of having a nice desk. The local police in Pardubice region were informed that naturists were sunbathing without masks at the Lázně Bohdaneč spa resort. With lights flashing and sirens wailing they turned up to find the reports were true!

    It is a mandatory requirement throughout the Republic to wear a face mask in public spaces, and an obligation not to congregate in groups larger than two people. So, after being politely informed of their breach of protocol, the obliging naturists duly donned the requisite gear.

    The police did a spot check the following day and found that the word had got around and had, indeed, sunk in.

    A spokesperson said: “We understand that many people do not have a garden and want to “ventilate” into the countryside, but we all want one thing in common: to fully respect government regulations, so that the measures taken can be gradually relaxed. However, we will not achieve this before everyone has strictly followed the restrictive measures.

    However, one slightly disconcerting part of the report on the website says:

    “After checking 150 people in the area, police found no violations of the mandate not to congregate in groups larger than two”. Work that one out.


    Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash

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