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    BN216 - Summer 2018

    As always our members' quarterly magazine s a great read, full of news, views and reviews, all brought to life with full colour throughout.   If you are a member of BN you can download a digital copy - as well as all BN magazines back to 2004. In this issue we're covering:

    Get fit, get naked - we take a look at the many different opportunities there are to keep fit - from cycling to Yoga to Tai-Chi, there's a whole new world out there!

    A review of our Bournemouth and Blackpool weekends

    Naturism in Northern Ireland - getting busier…

    Naked Dining - Bristol organiser Will tells us how his venture came about - and it may just whet your appetite for some of the other similar ventures that are happening this year!

    Naked Theatre - we review the recent production of Skin Deep that was clothing-optional for the audience

    Naturism and veganism - is there a correlation? Jane discusses.

    Looking for holiday ideas? Check out our reviews of recent group holidays to El Portus, and our Austrian ski-ing trip - as well as member reviews from Portugal, Croatia, Kos and Montenegro.

    Judith Stinchcombe looks back over her time as BN Chair, and remembers some of the highlights of her time.

    Comprehensive listings of clubs, swims and events

    …and much more besides.

    BN Magazine is available to members only and issued four times a year as part of your annual subscription. If you are not a member, you can join us and get your own copy and other benefits as well.

    Edited by Sheryn

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