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    BN219 - Spring 2019

    Welcome to BN219! The first edition of the year and – wait a minute! Something’s different. The magazine looks super slick! That’s right, we’ve given the pages a makeover and, as (we hope) you’ll see, they look much better.

    It’s a new look for a new year*.

    *Definitely something to let your non-subscribing friends know about…  
    Highlights of this spruced-up Spring edition of the BN Magazine include:

    • A packed news section including - Beating Brexit Blues by making a stand…in the nude;
    • We all know it, but just in case you don’t: GBSD is racing towards a new date;
    • Illustrated reports of events including Nudefest and Alton Towers
    • Say it Loud, Say it Clear – an update on the BN Strategy;
    • Women in Naturism – Mel discovers a whole new world;
    • An update from with a rebrand for Young British Naturism
    • Club Birthdays: Getting older but ever-young at heart;
    • The joys of volunteering;
    • Event Roundup:  BN’s gatherings discussed - and there’s loads of them!
    • The rewards of working together;
    • Living a life of leisure: focus on Spain

    ...and much, much more besides, all richly illustrated in full colour!

    BN Magazine is available to members only and issued four times a year as part of the annual subscription. If you are not a member, you can join us and get your own copy through the post and as a download and other benefits as well.

    Edited by Sheryn

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