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    British Naturism Magazine - BN191 Spring 2012

    The spring 2012 magazine (BN 191) is possibly one of the most exciting editions in years!

    We have a three-page special on the Channel 4 documentary, My Daughter the Teenage Nudist, which was broadcast in January to an audience of around two million and led to a lot of attention in BN and Naturism; we have three pages of news and action from the Young British Naturists, including full details of all their events throughout the coming year and we meet Emma Stokes, one of the driving forces behind YBN.

    With all this positive publicity in mind, both Roni Fine and Chris Lusby-Taylor urge us all, as clubs and individuals, to start thinking more about how we can better promote naturism. Could your club hold a ladies' open day? Could you agree to be interviewed by your local media? Every little helps to show how much fun naturism can be.

    Our travel section looks at Spain, with venues such as El Portus, Casa de Cinco Hermanos and the wonderful island of Formentera under the spotlight.

    All this and a positively bulging section of reports from our clubs, What's On listings, swim and sauna details and much more

    Don't forget that the magazine and recent past issues are also available for BN members to download in the members' area.

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