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    A bouncy birthday party at Telford

    Once again, our lovely friends at Telford Naturist Club helped get the summer off to a great start – and this time for an extra special reason, our 10th birthday.

    We always love going to Telford, getting a warm welcome from the club and really enjoying ourselves. For the special celebrations we’d invited lots of ex-members and people who had helped to make YBN a success – and so there were people of all ages. It was great to meet past friends and, as usual, people enjoying their first YBN event.

    Friday night saw everyone catching up, with the drinks flowing from Telford’s famously cheap bar, well into the early hours. As usual, most awoke after a couple of hours’ sleep, with sore heads but memories of a good night. Whilst some were lazing in the sun after a filling fried breakfast provided by the club, others were getting childishly excited about the arrival of the bouncy castle! After a few high energy games of dodgeball and some low energy games of shuffle board, some bright spark joked that it would a good idea to squeeze washing up liquid on the bouncy castle and fill it with water. That bright spark had the best idea of the summer!

    Who would have thought that 30 YBNers on a bouncy castle, with that many bubbles, slipping and sliding all over the place, would bring so much amusement....What a great ice-breaker for some of the new members!

    With all of us dressed for the School Disco, DJ Shaun got the party started. Short skirts, freckles and pig-tails flocked to the dance floor to be met by shorts, un-tucked shirts and ties wrapped round foreheads. The dancing was questionable, but fun!

    Sunday was a lazy day and we must say thank you to everyone who attended, organised and helped make YBN’s birthday such a great success. Here’s to the next 10 years!

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