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    Colourful continental fun at the INF Youth Rally 2011

    This year’s INF rally was held in a stunningly beautiful naturist club in the south of France.

    Being June and given what the weather man had told us all, who would have thought it would rain all week, yet be the hottest day of the year in most other federations’ countries? Nevertheless, fun was had by all and even more friends were made this time round.

    The theme for the week was ‘create’ with classes on drawing, music and massage. Anyone was free to join in with the activities and take advantage of the sessions organised for everyone. I think the most popular activity for YBN was the walk through the hills. Despite the clouds and rain, the club was still a place of beauty with amazing scenery, complemented by the river running below and, may I add, an incredibly cold river!

    This still didn’t get in the way of water based games, though; braving it, we got involved, as points mean prizes – one problem, though; I think the French missed out on that saying as I saw no prizes!

    Body painting was also the highlight activity for many. I can see why the French chose the theme they did... Some of the things they were able to paint were amazing! Daryl was left sporting a scarily realistic eye on his chest, along with a red pair of shorts. Then, we had a problem...what to do with all of the left-over paint?? The children within us thought that a paint fight on the beach would be a great idea! What a mess we all made, but everyone brave (or stupid!) enough to join in had a blast! Red, blue, yellow, green, a bit of sand sticking and lots of giggles later, we all grouped together and made a run for the river! Guess what... Green paint isn’t so easy to get off! Then it was into the showers and time to warm everyone up for the evening.

    In the evenings, everyone enjoyed a beach party and flower-power theme party. What a trek to the party, though... A long walk up a steep hill later, we were ready for the music to start and dancing go on throughout the night.

    As usual, YBN sat with the Dutch JNFN group but were pleased to welcome other nationalities to our group, too.

    A big ‘thank you’ to the French for yet another great youth rally. I honestly feel as though we were all able to make new friends this year and build even stronger networks with other young naturists round Europe.

    I look forward to next year’s rally which should be returning to Italy – I can’t wait to party again with our international friends.


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