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    Hectic weekend at Heritage

    We arrived to a warm welcome from the people at Heritage who helped us sign in before we desperately requested to know the direction of the bathroom – after an epic journey of all of 45 minutes!

    Once all the tents were up, we headed to the pavilion for a night of karaoke. A lot of the crowd from YBN and the club were already up there. The drinks and conversation started to flow, with a few brave souls volunteering to sing (some being put up by “friends”). Soon there was an excellent rendition of ‘Man, I feel like a woman’ by Paul to the giggles of his adoring fans. As the evening developed, I ended up getting on stage as a supporting act! With the karaoke wrapped up, the YBNers expected to have to quieten down but that was not what the club had in mind. We all heard a shout of “everyone in the pool!!”; everyone looked round surprised then whipped off their clothes and dived in. An impromptu game of water volleyball which turned into water polo.

    The next day we all got up to a lovely breakfast provided by the club. Throughout the day, there were various activities organised, ranging from water volleyball to steam room sessions and a trip to the shops to get food and drinks, which turned into a massive hunt for provisions for the glow disco in the evening. Upon returning we had volleyball games on the go and a slippery pole over the swimming pool for a Gladiator-style duel.

    After a lovely evening meal provided by the club, all the YBNers ran off to prepare their outfits for the glow disco with the whole group drawing glow paint on each other – some were more skilled than others.

    Heritage had put a massive effort into preparing the glow disco area and the whole club got in to the spirit of the evening. Plenty of drinking and dancing followed until the disco came to a close with a group of YBNers heading to the steam room to finish the night off with a bang. We piled in to sit down and watch our glow paint spill off (which we promise, we did clean up!) before everyone jumped in the shower, then headed back to the steam room for a impromptu karaoke session singing ‘The lion sleeps tonight...’Sunday was the volleyball victory day for YBN! Headline news, as YBN beat Heritage for once! Heritage put a massive effort into an amazing weekend and we all very much appreciated it. A big ‘thank you’ to the club and everyone who helped organise it.


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