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    Puberty and Naturism

    Puberty is a name for the time when you start to change from a child to an adult. Puberty is normal and it happens to everyone. You may be looking forward to puberty, or dreading it! Or you may feel both ways about it! You’ll go through a lot of changes, but you will still be YOU, just with some important differences. Try to think of it as one of the great adventures of your life, because it is.

    In terms of Naturism when you are going through puberty; there is nothing to worry about or to be embarrassed about. After all we have all been there! We understand that the changes in your body occur at different times for different people; we also understand that it can be a very confusing time for you.

    When the hormones are ‘raging’ and you may feel uncomfortable with your body Naturism is a great way to be comfortable those changes. It allows you to feel accepted and to become happier with your own body; most members have found that by coming to Naturist events both their overall confidence and their positivity towards their own body image has increased.

    We understand that you may have worries about what your body is going to do without any warning!

    Boys - if you get an erection, don’t worry about it! It’s perfectly normal! We know that sometimes you just don’t have any control over what’s going on! Just cover yourself with a towel or roll onto your front, no-one is going to pass any comment or judgement towards you; it’s nothing to be embarrassed about.

    Girls – You may be concerned about the changes in the shape of your body; you don’t need to be embarrassed about it! Everything that is happening is completely normal and no-one is looking at you. You may have concerns about getting your period in a Naturist environment; again this is nothing to worry about or to be embarrassed about! If you have any concerns about this then it is fine to wear bikini bottoms.

    The thing to remember is that everyone’s body shape is different; even when you have gone through puberty your body is going to be completely different to someone else’s. Naturism provides a realist view of the body; it allows you to accept that the way you look is normal.

    Under 18?

    I hope this helps and if you have any further questions about this or YBN & Naturism in general please do not hesitate to ask.


    BN Youth Officer (YBN)

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