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    Under 18?

    If you are aged 14-17 you will need your parent/guardian’s permission to join in with any part of YBN; this includes coming along to our events and having full access to the YBN message board. You would need full permission that is signed on a youth consent form; especially if you want to take part in any of BN’s youth group events & activities. Your parent/guardian is more than welcome to come along with you to our events, as your legal guardian.

    When you are 18 you can join as a full member, but until then some-one has to be responsible for you.

    Are your parent’s members of a Naturist club…?


    Great, then they have probably heard of YBN, and should be happy if you want to join us. There is no reason why you can’t come along to our events either with them or with their consent.

    No - but I can ask them if I can join YBN

    Well there’s no time like the present to ask them… Hopefully they have heard of British Naturism and the fantastic reputation that we have as the country’s leading Naturist organisation. They can look on our website to find out any information that they need and to possibly answer any questions that they may have. We have comprehensive guides regarding Naturism and youth. They can also email our child safeguarding team or our Youth Officer to discuss things further.

    No - I don't want to ask them...

    There really is no need to be worried or nervous about telling people or about anyone finding out that you enjoy being naked or that you are a Naturist.

    You never know; your parents have probably been to a Naturist beach, club or even an event in the past and will be happy that you now want to go too.

    After all; there’s no harm in asking them! We are a family organisation!

    If your parents are not aware and you don't want to ask them for their permission though, then you can’t join and become a youth member. This would not prevent you from coming to meet us at our public meet-ups, like the Naturist beach days we go to in the summer as it would be at in a public space; just a group of people chilling at the beach!

    But if your parents know and are happy to give permission, then great! We encourage you to be honest with your parents and inform them of where you are going and who you are going to meet.

    You may encourage them to contact me direct if they have any concerns or issues – I am happy to discuss any aspects of Naturism with your parents and hopefully dispel any concerns that they may have.


    BN Youth Officer (YBN)

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